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Gemini Soul

Liquid Soul

by Gemini Soul feat. Ajamu Akinyele

Released 2007
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Released 2007
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Musically inspired by the smooth sounds of Sade, the funk of Marcus Miller and Stanley Clarke, and the fusion of Herbie Hancock this is the new direction in jazz.
‘Liquid Soul’ the jazz/fusion album from Gemini Soul featuring Ajamu Akinyele is musically inspired by bassists Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, the smooth sounds of Sade, and pianists Dave Brubeck and Michael Cain. ‘Liquid Soul’ gives fans the ultimate experience in a new direction in jazz...Cyber Jazz.

Ajamu Akinyele and Jon O’Bergh, known as the “Cyber Jazz” duo Gemini Soul, released their sophomore album ‘Liquid Soul’ which features new original music, plus favorite standards such as Peggy Lee's "Fever," Stanley Clarke's "Yesterday Princess," Sade's "Kiss of Life" and "Hang On To Your Love," and Dave Brubeck's "Take Five." "The Chocolate Factory," written by O’Bergh, was a track taken from his anticipated album ‘Song of Fire.’

On the album, Jon O’Bergh plays keyboard and piano in a style similar to Herbie Hancock, Tori Amos, and Dave Brubeck; while Ajamu Akinyele plays bass laying down pure funk in a style similar to Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Meshell Ndegeocello. The album was promoted with the singles “Gypsy”, “Fever”, “In the Mood”, “Kiss of Life”, “Evolution Part 2”, and “Lake Merritt”.

As Gemini Soul, producer/bassist Ajamu Akinyele and pianist Jon O'Bergh captures the spirit and soul of jazz, providing a unique sound called "Cyber Jazz," continuing to redefine jazz for a new generation. Performing together as Gemini Soul has given them the outlet to explore new boundaries and to create a musical vision called "Cyber Jazz." This album marks as the second Gemini Soul project.

Who is Gemini Soul?

Producer, bassist, and multi-instrumentalist Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele, pronounced Ah-jah-moo + Ah-kin-yay-lay, recorded as Marcel releasing five R&B/Funk albums from 1998 to 2004. He's had worldwide success with those releases, including in Europe, Japan, and Australia. He released ‘Supernova’ (2005) and ‘Black Magic The Cyber Jazz Experience’ (2006) both Jazz/Funk/Fusion albums as Ajamu Akinyele.

Jon O'Bergh has written and produced several albums including ‘Carta’ reaching #1 nationwide on the NAV chart; ‘Meditations from a Lost World’ which reached #3; and ‘Millennial Landscapes’ which reached #2. He also co-produced songs with Marcel, now known as Ajamu Akinyele, on his 2003 release ‘Uptown : 2025 A.D.’ and for R&B recording artist Jarrod on his debut album ‘Every Part of Me’.

As Gemini Soul, their entire catalog from 2005–2015 can be purchased right here at CD Baby, so look for the following titles:

A Cyber Jazz Holiday "2005"

Liquid Soul "2007"

Live : The Liquid Soul Tour “2007”

The Nefertiti Xperience “2008”

Dark Skin Babies : The Movement “2009”

Willona’s Boutique “2015” (Their last recording as Gemini Soul)

Fun Facts:

Ajamu Akinyele has recorded under numerous names including Michael Angelo (in 1989 releasing a single titled "Brina Brown" in Europe) and Marcel as an R&B/Funk artist. His last recording under the moniker Marcel was 2004's 'Secret Weapon Volumes 1 & 2.' He was also the bandleader of the jazz/funk/fusion band Gemini Soul. He now records as Andre Akinyele.

He changed his birth name on his 32nd birthday, June 21, 2004, from ‘Andre Marcel Wilson’ to ‘Andre Marcel Ajamu Akinyele’ to reflect a more African heritage. Also, in changing his name, he wanted to depart from the Prince influenced sound to a more self-defined sound to honor his grandmother. Thus, “Cyber Jazz” and the Pearl Jazz Recording Label was born. After the release of the ‘Secret Weapon’ album, he formed the jazz/funk/fusion band Gemini Soul and began recording as Ajamu Akinyele. He would not return to the Prince influenced sound until the release of his 2012 album ‘The Potomac Syndrome’ as Andre Akinyele.

As Andre Akinyele, he has developed other ventures, including his Orange River enterprise that consists of a record label, book publishing company, and film studio. He produced albums for Jon O’Bergh. He is the bandleader, guitarist, bassist, and lead singer of the rock group Looking for Lester, working under the pseudonym Rebellion and producing the album under the name Messiah Superstar. He is also the lead singer, drum programmer, and keyboardist for the electronic synth-pop duo Lavender Lush, also working under the pseudonym Chambliss Charlie. He co-authored the book ‘Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello.’ Aside from music, he is also the owner of Akinyele Design Firm, which focuses on graphic design and visual arts. Also, he is the owner of Ajamu, a gaming and software development company. He authored the tech book ‘So, What’s the Big Deal About Scrum? A Methodology Handbook for Developers.’ In addition to holding an Associate's of Arts degree in Music Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies, he also holds a Master's degree in Information Technology (IT): Software Engineering.


Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer André Akinyele has recorded under the names Marcel and Ajamu Akinyele, exploring multiple music genres. He is the bandleader and bassist of the jazz/funk fusion band Gemini Soul, the vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Looking for Lester, as well as the vocalist and keyboardist for the electronic synth-pop duo Lavender Lush. He is also the co-author of the book Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello.


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