Ajamu Akinyele (André Akinyele recorded as Ajamu Akinyele from 2005–Present)

Ajamu Akinyele


Ajamu Akinyele (Birth name: André Marcel Wilson / Name change: André Marcel Ajamu Akinyele) is an American/Canadian bassist, bandleader, arranger, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His music incorporates jazz, funk, soul, and fusion. He is the founder and bandleader of the jazz/funk band Gemini Soul. From 1998 to 2004, he recorded under Marcel as an R&B/funk artist on his Bombay Recording Company label. After releasing five albums under the moniker Marcel, his last recording as Marcel would be 2004’s ‘Secret Weapon Volumes 1 & 2’. In 2005, as Ajamu Akinyele, he released his first jazz album ‘Supernova’ that was promoted with the singles “Supernova”, “Evolution”, “2704 Shane Drive”, and “Starwalkin’”. This album reflected his personal and musical growth as a recording artist, separating him from his Prince influenced Marcel recording days. This album was not only a new beginning or a rebirth, but also a new direction in sound to take him to the next level in his journey. In 2006, he released ‘Black Magic: The Cyber Jazz Experience’ and promoted it with the singles “Pandora’s Boxx”, “Crystal Ball”, “Spellbound”, and “Barbarella”. The album received airplay on major and indie radio stations around the world; music critics raved about the album making it one of the “Best New Independent Jazz Albums of 2006”. The success of the album made way for Akinyele to be a guest on the morning television show “Sacramento & Co.” broadcast on ABC. He now records as André Akinyele.

Ajamu Akinyele - Supernova (2005)

Supernova - 2005

Ajamu Akinyele - The Look of Love (Single) [2006]

The Look of Love (Single) - 2006

Ajamu Akinyele - Black Magic: The Cyber Jazz Experience (2006)

Black Magic: The Cyber Jazz Experience - 2006

Ajamu Akinyele - Dark Skin Babies : The Movement (The Demos) [2023]

Dark Skin Babies : The Movement (The Demos) - 2023

Black Magic : The Cyber Jazz Experience (Gold Edition) - 2023