Looking for Lester (André Akinyele recorded with his rock band Looking for Lester from 2015–2015)

Looking for Lester


Looking for Lester is an American rock band from Washington, D.C. Although widely associated with rock music, the band’s sound incorporates pop, funk, and rock & roll elements. Looking for Lester rose to fame in 2015 with their debut rock album ‘Everyone Hates a Mime’ that was branded the love child of David Bowie, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. Looking for Lester is Rebellion (guitars, bass, effects, keyboards, lead and backing vocals), Jedi of Cool (keyboards, piano, harmonica, organ) and Kolumbia (drums, percussion). Their music encompasses alternative, indie, pop, and rock with an emphasis on rock & roll. Looking for Lester formed in the summer of 2015 rebelling against the industry norm. The musicians, all having diverse musical backgrounds, came together to create music influenced by some of rock's greatest artists, including The Rolling Stones as a backlash to the polished uninspired pop/R&B songs on the radio. Rebellion states that the goal of their debut album was to have fun while trying something different since no one is making money anyway, and that the band just plugged their instruments in and started playing; everything else just flowed naturally. So, it wasn't about money, but about having fun again and taking chances. Rebels, anarchist, radicals…whatever you call them, Looking for Lester is alive and kicking.

Rebellion and Kolumbia are multi-instrumentalist André Marcel Ajamu Akinyele and Jedi of Cool is pianist Jon O'Bergh, both using pseudonyms to perform rock music.

Looking for Lester - Everyone Hates A Mime (2015)

Everyone Hates A Mime - 2015