Gemini Soul (André Akinyele recorded with his band Gemini Soul from 2005–Present)

Gemini Soul


Often listed as Gemini Soul feat. Ajamu Akinyele

Gemini Soul is an American jazz/funk band from the San Francisco Bay Area and best known for its eclectic blend of “Cyber Jazz”. In 2007, the band rose to fame with their second album ‘Liquid Soul’ and was promoted with the singles “Gypsy”, “In the Mood”, and “Evolution Pt. 2”. Due to its success, the band released ‘Live : The Liquid Soul Tour’ that captured them doing what they do best–performing live. In 2008, Gemini Soul released ‘The Nefertiti Xperience’ and was promoted with the singles “Sun Goddess”, “Nefertiti Xperience”, and “Black Venus”. The album debuted at #37 on the "Bestselling Hot New & Future Music Releases" and climbed to #15. In 2009, Gemini Soul released ‘Dark Skin Babies : The Movement’ and is the band’s most political and social conscience collection to date. The album celebrates Barack Obama's presidency, and commemorates the Obama’s with the songs "Barack & Michelle" and "The Movement Pt. 1 and Pt. 2." The album was promoted with the singles “Dark Skin Babies”, “Revolution : Evolve”, and “Dark Skin Babies : New Vibe.” This album isn't just creatively innovative but a social consciousness of the times, reflecting and documenting a period from beginning to end that will be appreciated by lovers of real music. The album debuted at #13 on the "Bestselling Hot New & Future Music Releases". In 2015, Gemini Soul released their final album 'Willona’s Boutique' inspired by the television show "Good Times" and the character Willona Woods.

Band Members:

Ajamu Akinyele (a.k.a. André Marcel Ajamu Akinyele) - bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, drum programming, guitar, sound effects

Jon O'Bergh (a.k.a. Jedi of Cool) - piano, keyboards, sound effects

Andrew Foster - percussion

Alex Marks - drums

Special Guests:

Wahid Jones - percussion, sax

Gemini Soul - A Cyber Jazz Holiday (2006)

A Cyber Jazz Holiday - 2006

Gemini Soul - Black Magic 'Live' (2006)

Black Magic 'Live' - 2006

Gemini Soul - Liquid Soul (2007)

Liquid Soul - 2007

Gemini Soul - "Live" The Liquid Soul Tour - 2007

"Live" The Liquid Soul Tour - 2007

Gemini Soul - The Nefertiti Xperience (2008)

The Nefertiti Xperience - 2008

Gemini Soul - Dark Skin Babies : The Movement (2009)

Dark Skin Babies : The Movement - 2009

Gemini Soul - Willona's Boutique (2015)

Willona's Boutique - 2015

Gemini Soul - The Essential Collection 2005–2015 (2023)

The Essential Collection 2005–2015 - 2023