Lavender Lush (André Akinyele recorded as the duo Lavender Lush from 2017–2017)

Lavender Lush


Lavender Lush is a Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Although widely associated with electronic music, the band’s sound incorporates dance, pop, R&B, and funk elements. Lavender Lush rose to fame in 2017 with their debut dance/pop/electronic album ‘Inner Gods’ that was branded an invigorating brand of seductive electronica in the likes of Little Dragon, breathing a mix of synth-pop and up-tempo R&B with artsy style, creating an accessible collection that’s stylish and multifaceted. The album was promoted with the singles “Transform”, “Skin”, “Inner Gods”, “Never No Rest”, “Indigo Dreams”, and “Rush Sugar.” Lavender Lush formed as a duo in May 2017 after seeing a Little Dragon concert in Toronto. The duo consists of Chambliss Charlie (vocals, drum programming, synths) and Hotbox (synths, programming), taking their names from the 1986 cult film Reform School Girls, co-starring Wendy O. Williams. The duo decided to record and produce an album based on the underground synth-pop movement in Toronto. All of this transpired just from one concert experience that happened one evening in May. Chambliss Charlie stated, “Now, if only we can get booked on a double billing tour with Little Dragon, that would seal the deal.”

Chambliss Charlie is multi-instrumentalist André Marcel Ajamu Akinyele and Hotbox is pianist Jon O'Bergh, both using pseudonyms to perform electronic music.

Lavender Lush - Inner Gods (2017)

Inner Gods - 2017